Watch Enugu State Based Reverend Father, Paul Martin Obayi, Allow Himself To Be FLOGGED And TORTURED As He Undergoes 3 Days Fasting To Liberate Nigerians

Reverend Father Paul Martin Obayi Undergoes 3 Days Fast Then Allows Himself To Be Flogged And Tortured To Liberate Nigerians

A certain Rev Father Dr. Obayi Paul Martins (Okunerere) has taken it upon himself to liberate Nigerians from the hands of The Devil by re-enacting the suffering which Jesus bore while carrying the cross. He is also said to have been flogged and tortured through seven kilometers under the sun.

Reverend Father Paul Martin Obayi

Rev Father Dr. Obayi Paul Martins went through this after he had embarked on 3 days fast without food or water. The video which was posted by a Facebook user, was captioned:

Reverend Father Paul Martin Obayi

“Believe it or not,he did it for our living souls to prosper. Rev.Father Dr. Obayi Paul Martins (Okunerere) after 3 days fasting without water or food suffered on his bare foot and torture for up to 7 kilometers under the sun to liberate the people of God from the devil in this 2017.”

Reverend Father Paul Martin Obayi

Watch the video below.

The question Amebo Book readers, was Reverend Father, Paul Martin Obayi right in using this 3 days fasting with torture method as a means to liberate Nigerians or he has sinned himself in the process?


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