Entertainment News Today Headlines: Will Smith Shares Photo Of Himself As A Female Aladdin, “How y’all gon’ Resist THIS?!”

Entertainment News And Gossip: Will Smith As A Female Aladdin, “How y’all gon’ Resist THIS?!”

Aladdin is still in theaters, y’all! Initially, Will Smith was reluctant at first to play Genie in the live-action remake of Disney’s “Aladdin”. This was because he had to follow in the big footsteps of late comedian Robin Williams who voiced the character in the 1992 animated film. Anyway, Will added a personal touch to it with some hip hop and rap while trying to portray the energetic CGI-enhanced blue Genie who emerges from a lamp in a cave of treasures.

Will Smith Dressed As A Female Aladdin

Will Smith shared this photo on his Instagram page and asks, “How y’all gon’ Resist THIS?!”

A fan saw the racist side to Will Smith dressed as a female genie, “There goes Hollywood again, making another black man dress like a woman. Dave Chapelle was right…”

One fan wrote, “They got him…..another brother in a dress..smh.”

Another unimpressed fan took to the comments section, “You still got time to delete this”.

An unhappy follower quizzed, “Disney…….. you really going to put a dress on him”

An Instagrammer found the photo rather offensive, “I use to think I loved Will, but this is a lil heavy on the eyes…wooo…beauty is in the eye right!?”

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Entertainment News Today: Will Smith As A Female Aladdin, “How y’all gon’ Resist THIS?!”


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